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“There were three key objectives. First, make it easier for our existing customers to get what they want, when then want it.”


VP Marketing Richard Mumby

Last week, Mobify had the chance to sit down with Richard Mumby, VP of Marketing of Bonobos.com.  Bonobos is a New York based online men’s clothing retailer who recently launched their mobile site to extend their signature ninja customer service onto mobile phones.

Mobify: What is your mobile strategy?

Richard Mumby: Service is the underlying principle of what we are doing at Bonobos – from providing clothes that actually fit guys well to affording high-touch customer service through our well-educated Ninja program. We were able to see from the underlying metrics of our prior mobile site that we weren’t delivering on the high standards we set for ourselves. Conversion and bounce rates were significantly worse than our desktop site. However, our average order on the prior site was more than 40% higher than our desktop site, indicating that their was a strong appetite for Bonobos on the go.

There were three key objectives. First, make it easier for our existing customers to get what they want, when then want it. Our new mobile site carries forward many of the strong design principles of our desktop site, but smooths them out for a mobile experience.  This comes back to service: men want easy, intuitive shopping experiences, and we aim to deliver upon that regardless of the technology platform.

Second, we need to make the best first impression for new customers. The underlying technology does not require modifications to URLs or run on proxies or scraping. We can easily optimize for mobile search, display ads, driving potential customers to a site with a clear user experience and brand position. We have been experiencing incredible growth in new customers, so a mobile-optimized site was a far better solution for us right now than developing native apps.

Third, we wanted to diversify our channels for promoting unique offers. For instance, when the mobile site was launched, we had a mobile-exclusive offer for 20% off of purchases. Having a well-structured mobile site will afford one more lever to deliver a unique customer experience.

Mobify: How was the launch process with Mobify?

RM: The process from signing our contract through full launch was fantastic. Mobify provided timely versions for the team to review and provide feedback. All critical areas of feedback were more than addressed. The launch was very smooth and the few small glitches that we had were addressed with remarkable speed.

Mobify: How does your mobile site help the Bonobos reach new audiences?

RM: Before launching our mobile site, we received more than 10% of our traffic from mobile devices. We understand that this is going to continue to increase at a fast clip over the next 3 years. It makes smart financial sense to improve our key metrics as this volume increases, but it also deepens our relationship with our customers. Bonobos customers are incredibly strong brand advocates. If guys are out at a game or at the bar, we want them to be able to show off the breadth of Bonobos products with great ease. Our customers are highly engaged in our social media communities on Facebook and Twitter. Both outlets have been great forums to discuss the launch. We also have an email campaign that will be rolling out over the next few weeks. It is important that customers are reminded that they have a new, improved way to buy Bonobos products.

Mobify: Please describe your experience working with Mobify

RM: The Mobify team was a real partner. They understood our needs, our brand and where we want to grow. They developed a product that certainly met our objectives. Igor and his team are attentive, friendly and easy to work with. They have a best-in-class product that we are excited to be using for our customers’ mobile experience.

Mobify: Why did you chose Mobify over other mobile solution providers?

RM: We looked at many potential vendors, and relative to Mobify’s work, we felt they were the best value. The improvements and integration with our existing platform were highly valuable. We want to reduce any points of frustration or friction between us and our customers. We want to develop an easy shopping experience for both our most loyal customers as well as our first time buyers. The mobile site replicates many of the core elements of our desktop site, ensuring a consistent brand experience. But it also affords unique marketing real estate to introduce the brand to mobile-focused guys. To that point, our mobile site will benefit from the same search optimization as the desktop site due to Mobify’s technology, which does not change URL’s, use proxy servers or scrape. They ensured that the flow of checkout would be consistent with the ecommerce site. However, the ease of navigation is drastically improved.

Mobify: What does the future hold for Bonobos?

RM: There are a lot of men still struggling with ill fitting clothes and frustrating shopping environments. We want to help these guys out with our fantastic spectrum of products – our Bonobos branded products and the cool stuff from our partner brands – and a smart user experience. We will be looking to develop creative, effective solutions to smooth out the shopping experience for guys.

We would like to thank Richard Mumby for taking the time to talk to us. To find out more, check out Bonobos on your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry 6+ device.