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3x growth in online sales


A men's apparel brand had developed a product for a distinct customer. Organic demand for the product drove moderate growth through word-of-mouth and referral marketing. There was a loyal following among a narrow slice of the addressable market. Marketing was decentralized and was product focused.


Investors wanted to see the business scale faster and provided resources to do so. However, the efficiency of spend was crucial in order to prove the economics of a high-growth enterprise.


We developed strategies, lined up the necessary internal resources, and executed on the following: customer acquisition across paid, earned and owned media; retention and email marketing; and customer analytics, social media and brand marketing. Functional areas included in this engagement included acquisition marketing, PR, creative services (graphic design, product, copywriting, photography), visual merchandising, data analytics, retention and email marketing, social media and direct sales.

We built out paid marketing across all performance channels, created award-winning social media strategies, and forged innovative partnerships. We generated significant press placements, driving gains in earned media to reduce cost of acquisition. We established tactics to increase repeat purchase rates and cross-category shopping. We developed a more distinct brand position, targeting five customer segments, and winning notable awards and press placements.


The customer base more than doubled. Revenue more than tripled. And the brand was more clearly articulated, winning industry awards.