We partner with clients.


We help companies win in competitive and emerging industries by focusing on clients’ most critical issues: rapid, profitable scaling of businesses, lasting customer demand, and high-performance organizational design. We lead companies through ambitious growth – from a start-up developing a business model to a mature company looking to gain significant market share.  We provide the blueprint, structure, and support for execution.

We empower our clients to identify and execute upon transformative, profitable, and sustainable growth strategies. Together, we define how companies can best engage their customers to see immediate results — and drive lasting demand.

We work with executive teams on strategy development, decision-making and execution, and project oversight. Through close collaboration with management, we implement solutions that generate immediate results and lead to sustainable, long-term change. We thrive when working with forward-looking, open-minded, and analytical management teams. We understand that relationships are built on transparency and intellectual honesty, and we hold ourselves to a high standard to earn client trust.

We uniquely tailor our approach to each client. We combine functional expertise, market knowledge, and a focus on innovation to build a comprehensive, action-oriented plan to maximize our impact.

We serve clients with national and global markets, from eCommerce start-ups to emerging technology companies, socially-enabled new media endeavors to consumer goods companies.

Our team has a depth of experience across management consulting, consumer marketing, data analytics, social media, sustainable development, public relations, and event marketing.


New Orleans:
North Lopez Street
New Orleans, LA
New York:
Barrow Street
New York, NY
Palo Alto:
Lowell Avenue
Palo Alto, CA


RPM & CO looks for creative thinkers, problem solvers, and motivated leaders. Our people are industry leaders and are passionate about the clients we serve. We believe work can be fun. We have a blast working together and find real enjoyment in creating value for our clients.

Full Time Positions

RPM & CO offers full-time employment in New Orleans, New York, and San Francisco. We look for driven, creative and analytical candidates and value experience in high-growth businesses.

Internship Opportunities

Because RPM & CO works with some of the most well funded start-ups and pedigreed brands in the country, interns gain hands on experience and learn vital fundamentals.